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The Big 3 April 29, 2008

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Today is Jasper’s birthday! Yes, I am a dorky dog “mom” who knows when my dog’s birthday is, and acknowledges said dog’s day of birth.

So, Jasper [aka Prince Jasper Shane Falkor Hamrick] is the big 3 today. According to dog years, he apparently is 21. Dave joked that he was going to take Jasper out drinking tonight to celebrate. Uh-huh. We are a weird couple. We love our dog, and humanize him way more than we should….

Jasper celebrated his birthday so far by playing with one of his birthday presents, a new “Kanga”, which is a squeaky “Boodha” brand stuffed terry cloth kangaroo. He gets one every year for his birthday, because he destroys one every year about 6 months after receiving it. He loves his Kanga. He also received a squishy “Aflac” duck from his ‘daddy’, and kept eyeing it this morning like he is not sure what to do with it. Once he gets over the joy of having a new Kanga, though, I think he will enjoy his new duck. It probably has about 2 days to live before Jas chews it to pieces. For such a small dog, he certainly likes to chew anything that belongs to him to bits. He has STRONG jaws.

Happy Birthday Jasper Shane!!! You are loved!

Dave and Jasper


Its Take and Bake, And I Helped March 23, 2007

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Last night, I had an unexpected free evening when I realized my Perspectives class wasn’t meeting because of Spring Break. I decided to go out to my folks for a little while and spend some quality time with them. I introduced them to Papa Murphy’s Take and Bake Pizza. It was a success. If you have never tried Papa Murphy’s, you need to! It is yummy, in my opinion. I was a little concerned my parents might not like it, but it was for naught. My mom’s comment was that she is only getting her veggie pizzas from Papa Murphy’s from now on. I must say, it did look pretty loaded and yummy, and I don’t even like veggie pizzas [onions and peppers –YUCK!]. And she kept asking us for our crusts, because she really liked it. It is pretty good pizza. It was fun watching them make my pizzas. I had a pineapple pizza, which was yummy as well. And, I discovered a little known fact that my dad in fact really likes pineapple pizza as well. Pretty neat.

I also decided to take my Scrabble game I recently bought with me, to see if they would want to play. This may be hard to believe, but I have never played Scrabble. Its true. My mom hadn’t played it since she was young, and my dad said, “You have to be able to spell to play, and I can’t”. We never played an actual game, but I had a practice round with myself to see how I would do. I couldn’t really get beyond simple 3 and 4 letter words. I did manage a few 5 letter words, of which I was proud. 😛 My parents got in on the action, with mom reading up on the scoring, and dad coming up with some….interesting…. words for my leftover letters. Mom then occupied her time challenging some of the words he suggested, like “TOX”, and “TOL”, of which he was convinced were words. Another one he wanted me to use was “TOWL”. I believe this is where his…unique… way of spelling came into play, as the word he was actually referring to was “TOWEL”. I love my dad. He cracks me up. Half the time I don’t know if he is REALLY being serious, or if he is just trying to be funny. Regardless, I had so much fun with my parents in the world of words. And I think I could really enjoy a mean game of Scrabble, if I can find anyone who will play with me. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

S-A-R-A-H spelling out [I know…proper names are not legal]


Whee for Wii December 29, 2006

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My parents have gotten into gaming.

Last night, Dave, my parents, and I played for over an hour with the Wii Game System at Dave’s apartment, mainly with the Bowling game. My parents absolutely loved it. We had a fabulous time.

My mom has always really enjoyed bowling. I think when my parents first married or when I was younger or something, she was part of a league. All I know is the woman still owns her own ball. I don’t think she has done any bowling in a number of years, probably because it is hard on her back. But bowling with the Wii was painless and super fun for her. There was plenty of squeals and giggles and laughter from all of us. And my dad…..oh he was funny! Dave and I got so tickled when he was trying to figure out how the controller worked and how to play.

As for me, I loved it because I am actually a halfway decent bowler in the virtual world. In real life, I stink at bowling. I love it, but I stink. Much to my mom’s dismay, my “crowning acheivement” was bowling a 72 when I was in a bowling class in High School. Yeah. I am bad. However, in Wii world, I am a champ! Ok, so maybe not a champ, but I did beat my parents and Dave the last game we played. I bowled a 198! That is huge for me. I think its because I don’t have to worry about the ball weight or sliding on those slippery floors in slippery bowling shoes while trying to stay in form. In Wii bowling, I line it up, aim, and swing! I love it! The tennis game is also pretty fun. After my parents left, Dave and I played a few games. Poor guy. I knocked his hand and his kneecap pretty hard with my controller on a few of those swings….. :p I guess I got into it….haha. oops. Sorry Dave… 😦

By the end of the evening, my mom was even seriously considering buying one for herself. She had that much fun. I hope they do….. 🙂