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The Big 3 April 29, 2008

Filed under: Family,Life — sarah j. @ 9:58 am

Today is Jasper’s birthday! Yes, I am a dorky dog “mom” who knows when my dog’s birthday is, and acknowledges said dog’s day of birth.

So, Jasper [aka Prince Jasper Shane Falkor Hamrick] is the big 3 today. According to dog years, he apparently is 21. Dave joked that he was going to take Jasper out drinking tonight to celebrate. Uh-huh. We are a weird couple. We love our dog, and humanize him way more than we should….

Jasper celebrated his birthday so far by playing with one of his birthday presents, a new “Kanga”, which is a squeaky “Boodha” brand stuffed terry cloth kangaroo. He gets one every year for his birthday, because he destroys one every year about 6 months after receiving it. He loves his Kanga. He also received a squishy “Aflac” duck from his ‘daddy’, and kept eyeing it this morning like he is not sure what to do with it. Once he gets over the joy of having a new Kanga, though, I think he will enjoy his new duck. It probably has about 2 days to live before Jas chews it to pieces. For such a small dog, he certainly likes to chew anything that belongs to him to bits. He has STRONG jaws.

Happy Birthday Jasper Shane!!! You are loved!

Dave and Jasper


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