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Whirlwind October 4, 2007

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It is blowing around me, and I am along for the ride. It is almost 6 weeks until Dave and I will be married. It is amazing how the days and weeks can fly with the speed of an Indy racecar, and also creep by slower than molasses on a freezing cold day in February. In some ways I am glad for the speed, and in others I am glad for the time still left. I am enjoying this season of engagement with Dave. I am enjoying the process of growing closer with him and of learning how to grow our future marriage. It is a sweet time.

I am learning a lot through the pre-marital counseling our minister and his wife are leading Dave and I through. Kent and Kristen have really been a blessing as they have been open and shared with us their time and allowed us a glimpse into their own marital journey. We have been given wise counsel and feel better equipped for marriage.

The weeks left are filled with activity. I can count off the weekends by the showers, parties, or 10 year high school reunions we have scheduled [the reunion would be mine…sigh…time flies]. There is not a weekend left that does not have something planned. I am excited for all the events, and humbled and blessed by the upcoming showers.
My cup is overflowing. God has blown me away time after time after time with His love, His blessing, His mercy, and His grace.

This will most likely be my last post until after the wedding/honeymoon. We will be enjoying a 2 week honeymoon, and will be going to Cancun, Mexico. YIPPEE!!! I am looking forward to my first real vacation in many, many years. And this time, I will get to travel and vacation with my husband for the very first time!! 🙂



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