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Tough Day Joys March 31, 2007

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It can sometimes be difficult to remember Joy on those days when a lot of “tough stuff” happens. Yesterday [Friday] I had one of those tough days at work. It was so trying that it threatened to make me forget some really sweet times that I had during my day.

I had a bad “key” day on Friday. I arrived at work a few minutes early, and realized I did not have my work keys. These keys are critical to my work day, because they let me get my cash drawer out of the vault–which I need, most epecially on a Friday. Well, my keys were not to be found. I could not remember ever taking them out of my purse, but I knew that they had to be at home, most likely on my coffee table [and they were]. Normally, it would not be THAT big of a deal, because we all have a spare key locked in a key box. But, for some reason, I did not have any spare keys in the key box for my drawer. I was absolutely unable to get my cash drawer out until lunchtime, when I was able to run home and get my keys. By using the money I had bought for the day, along with buying small bills from co-workers, I was able to function and perform my duties for the morning. Boy was it frustrating!! I was working out of the empty drawer my cash drawer goes into, and just had to pile the money up in as neat as piles as possible. Loose coin was scattered everywhere from the open coin rolls I was having to work from. I felt so disorganized–and I looked it. My boss enjoyed poking fun at me and pointing out my less than tidy and unconventional drawer to a couple of out “regular” members. I was a little embarrassed opening my drawer. 😛

Then, at the end of the work day, I went to the corporate offices of one of our main membership groups, because we have a drop box for deposits there. When I arrived at the building, I put my keys in my purse, locked my door, and got out of my car with my entry badge and the key I needed to get into the drop box. When I returned to my car, I realized I had left my purse in the car….with my keys inside…..with my car locked. Yes, I locked my keys in my car. And the spare key….was in my purse as well. I really started feeling like I should have not left the house today. I went back inside the corporate building to the security office, to see if one of the guys had some way of helping. They apparently are unable to help people get into their cars, even though they have some of the equipment necessary to do so, and gave me the number to Pop a Lock. So…its 5:00, and I am waiting for the Pop A Lock people to come pop my lock. The ETA is 30-45 minutes. I had the deposits, which had to be posted before we closed at 5:30, and no way to get back to my office. I called my manager to explain the situation, and he had to come get the deposits in order for them to be posted on time. I felt like the most irresponsible employee in the world. I was feeling lousy, and just wanted to cry. I kept telling myself it was no big deal, and praying and asking what God was wanting to teach me through this, in order to keep my emotions at bay. I did….ok. I got teary eyed…I admit it! 😦

These two situations, along with the whole car situation making me late in meeting my friend Nicole for her bridal shower that night, could have threatened my Joy, if I had let it. I really had to stop and realize that some wonderful, sweet things had happened that day. God had really blessed me and filled me with Joy. My day really was good, in spite of being tough and trying. I had a sweet time of prayer and journaling with God that morning, and a great run filled with praise and worship. At lunch, I had a spur of the moment opportunity to meet with my friend Kristen, and it was such a wonderful, encouraging, and sweet time. Our conversation was good, and I was given some great words of wisdom and challenge. And my evening was great. I went with Nicole to her bridal showers, and afterwards was able to spend a short time talking with her as well, which was really good as well.

I am trying to learn that I cannot let my situations and circumstances [or my EMOTION] control my responses and behavior. I admit, on my way home to meet Nicole, I almost lost it. I was ready to just forget the shower and go curl up in bed and cry and feel sorry for myself. But, by the grace of God alone, I was to get the focus OFF MYSELF, and back where it needed to be. It took conscious effort, and a lot of it. I had to fight for the Joy. I had to reflect on all God had done. And then, all was….good. Really good.

I am enjoying learning these things. I am thankful for work of God in my life. He is doing some really incredible things in my life right now! I have been amazed and blown away and awestruck at Him and what He is doing. He is SO AMAZING, and FAITHFUL, and GOOD, and HOLY and absolutely GLORIOUS!!!!


One Response to “Tough Day Joys”

  1. Malinda Says:


    Thanks for sharing this post. What a wonderful reminder to have joy even if and when we run into these trying circumstances throughout our day @ times. I can see that God is working in you. Blessings sister! Malinda

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