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Allergies March 26, 2007

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Hello, my name is Sarah, and I am an allergy sufferer.

For me to admit to having allergies is significant. Growing up, I do not remember having problems with allergies. I remember in my early college years, my friends would start complaining about their allergies with the Spring weather, and I would be sympathetic and tell them I don’t have trouble with pollen, mold, and/or whatever else floats around in the Spring air.

Then, at the end of college, I began my denial period. I would get a “head cold” at the end of every winter/beginning of spring. I still didn’t believe my symptoms were allergy related, and would vehemently deny having allergies. I simply thought that I just happened to get my winter sickness after everyone else. That my malady was a Spring cold. I don’t have allergies. I never have had them before, why should that change?

The last few years, however, I have come to accept that I have developed allergies. I suffer from allergies. I have begun to notice a pattern with how I suffer. Last year, I began getting a dry cough that simply would not go away. I would cough and cough intermittently throughout the day, with it becoming annoyingly frequent in the evenings and at bedtime. With it being all in my throat, my voice was affected, and I lost the use of it for what seemed to be several weeks [although in reality it was probably only one or two].

The cough has returned over this past weekend, and I am able to finally admit and realize that it is due to allergens that love to pop up with the beauty of Spring. I have the same dry cough, and am anticipating voice loss soon. I really hope and pray this is not the case, because I very much need my voice in the upcoming weeks. I do NOT need to lose it! I further settled into my role as an allergy sufferer by taking a daily dose of Claritin. I don’t know if this will work or not, but I am willing to try anything. Not having had much experience in the area of admitted allergies, I have to start with what I think may work. We shall see [and…by ‘we’, I guess I mean “I” shall see….haha…such a funny little saying…”we shall see”…]

Anyway, I am now a full-fledge member in the allergy club. I guess it comes with adulthood and growing up and older and all that fun stuff! 🙂

Coughingly Yours,


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