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The Most Wonderful Time November 1, 2008

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This past weekend, 2 dear friends of mine came to visit. A whirlwind trip, my friends Holly and Kim came from Norman and Tulsa, OK, respectively, to hear a mutual friend perform at a local coffee shop Friday night, and left Saturday at noon. I was so excited that they stayed with Dave and I the one night they were here. It has been way, way too long since I have been able to see/talk to either one of these awesome girls for any amount of time.

After the concert, we came back to my house, along with Shelli, and spent a few hours just talking, rehashing old times, and generally laughing it up. The four of us, Holly, Kim, Shelli, and I, were quite the crew in college. At different times, in college and at New Life Ranch, the summer camp we all worked at, we have all been roommates in some form of another with each other. So many of my crazy fun memories include all of them together, or at least two of them at any given time. Our conversation Friday night covered a plethora of topics ranging from flying squirrels, bubble wrap, late night runs to stores/restaurants, impromptu trips to town 3-5 hours away [Wacky Wednesday, oh yeah!], and inexpensively priced ladies of indiscretion ;). My husband and Shelli’s husband amused themselves by playing Wii and trying not to listen to our ‘girls only’ conversations and laughter! Oh, it was SO MUCH FUN!!! I miss all of us together. We all feed off each other’s personalities and humor. What a great time!!!

I was also very glad that Dave got the opportunity to spend time with them as well. He has been able to know Shelli quite well over the years, but this was his first time to meet Holly and Kim. He really enjoyed meeting them. 🙂

Dave and I finished our Saturday with some fun couple time shopping. We purchased our 1st anniversary gifts for each other [which is in a few weeks!], and bought new glasses. Dave needed new frames and lenses, and I had to get glasses for the first time. 😦 For the time being, I only need them when driving at night. Oh, and watching movies in a dark theater. 🙂 It was an expensive Saturday, haha.

All in all, I had a most wonderful time…..


Update October 8, 2008

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I’ve recently discovered that a few people still actually read, or attempt to read, my blog. I’ve decided it would be much more enjoyable for those few people if I actually updated my blog on a more frequent basis than has been my recent blogging habits this year.

So, what has been going on in the world of this green-eyed princess? WOW. Lots.

I have been married for almost 11 months now, and am digging married life! I thoroughly enjoy being a wife, even witht he challenges and growth opportunites I have had over this last year. I have learned I am a selfish woman, and God saw fit to help rid me of my selfishness by blessing me with an equally selfish husband, who is also really good at sharpening me and holding a big mirror in front of my “ugly mug”, in the spiritual sense. That has been my biggest challenge in marriage thus far, I believe: having someone know me so well that he sees every wart on my heart. However, the beautiful flip side is the greatest joy of marriage: haing that same man graciously love me unconditionally despite all those warts. God’s grace is becoming so real, near, and dear to me. It is also a joy learning to extend that same love and grace to my husband, as I see his “ugly mug” and love him anyway. Dave is a great encourager, and an awesome friend and confidant. He is so much fun! We have had many fun times full of laughter. I think he has the best laugh ever!

We move in August to an awesome house in west Fayetteville. We are renting, and have the best landlords ever-our neighbors and family friends. We love our place. It is beautiful and very spacious. Also, Jasper love the fenced-in back yard. 🙂

We became a one-car family this summer as well. Dave currently rides his bike 8 miles round trip to and from work 3 days a week, weather permitting. So far it has worked out nicely. He is getting really good exercise. On the not-so-good weather days, we carpool. Its been working out well, and saves us gas and insurance, not to mention yearly car registration and maintenance.

Speaking of biking, we have been doing a lot of that together for pleasure the last few weeks. Fayetteville has a great city wide trail system that they are continually expanding and improving. Last Sunday Dave and I biked 23 miles up and down the trail. Our dear friend Nicole joined us for most of our excursion. We had an excellent time, and Dave and I fell exhausted into bed that evening.

So as not to make this a too lengthy post, I will close for now. I will try to be more dilligent about updating more frequently, so stayed tuned for more posts coming to the green eyed view soon!


The Big 3 April 29, 2008

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Today is Jasper’s birthday! Yes, I am a dorky dog “mom” who knows when my dog’s birthday is, and acknowledges said dog’s day of birth.

So, Jasper [aka Prince Jasper Shane Falkor Hamrick] is the big 3 today. According to dog years, he apparently is 21. Dave joked that he was going to take Jasper out drinking tonight to celebrate. Uh-huh. We are a weird couple. We love our dog, and humanize him way more than we should….

Jasper celebrated his birthday so far by playing with one of his birthday presents, a new “Kanga”, which is a squeaky “Boodha” brand stuffed terry cloth kangaroo. He gets one every year for his birthday, because he destroys one every year about 6 months after receiving it. He loves his Kanga. He also received a squishy “Aflac” duck from his ‘daddy’, and kept eyeing it this morning like he is not sure what to do with it. Once he gets over the joy of having a new Kanga, though, I think he will enjoy his new duck. It probably has about 2 days to live before Jas chews it to pieces. For such a small dog, he certainly likes to chew anything that belongs to him to bits. He has STRONG jaws.

Happy Birthday Jasper Shane!!! You are loved!

Dave and Jasper


Whirlwind October 4, 2007

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It is blowing around me, and I am along for the ride. It is almost 6 weeks until Dave and I will be married. It is amazing how the days and weeks can fly with the speed of an Indy racecar, and also creep by slower than molasses on a freezing cold day in February. In some ways I am glad for the speed, and in others I am glad for the time still left. I am enjoying this season of engagement with Dave. I am enjoying the process of growing closer with him and of learning how to grow our future marriage. It is a sweet time.

I am learning a lot through the pre-marital counseling our minister and his wife are leading Dave and I through. Kent and Kristen have really been a blessing as they have been open and shared with us their time and allowed us a glimpse into their own marital journey. We have been given wise counsel and feel better equipped for marriage.

The weeks left are filled with activity. I can count off the weekends by the showers, parties, or 10 year high school reunions we have scheduled [the reunion would be mine…sigh…time flies]. There is not a weekend left that does not have something planned. I am excited for all the events, and humbled and blessed by the upcoming showers.
My cup is overflowing. God has blown me away time after time after time with His love, His blessing, His mercy, and His grace.

This will most likely be my last post until after the wedding/honeymoon. We will be enjoying a 2 week honeymoon, and will be going to Cancun, Mexico. YIPPEE!!! I am looking forward to my first real vacation in many, many years. And this time, I will get to travel and vacation with my husband for the very first time!! 🙂



An Update August 22, 2007

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So…in case you couldn’t tell, I am getting married! Yeah, I am really excited. I really meant to get back on here and post words to go with the picture….but….well….it never happened.
You can read our engagement story on Dave’s blog. I will put my 2 cents in and say I was VERY SHOCKED. I had no clue he was going to propose! He did a very good job at surprising me! He is a dear, sweet, wonderful, godly man, and I can’t WAIT to be his wife!

We will be getting married on November 17 at 3 pm. That is 2 months and 27 days away from today! Not that anyone is counting….. haha. It has certainly been a busy month. It seems either I or Dave and I have something going on most nights of the week. But it has been a fun month, so the busyness has been ok. We are in the middle of wedding planning, and I feel really good about the progress. I have a LOT done. I think I have surprised people, haha. But its been so much fun, and so good to get the big decisions and tasks accomplished. I want to enjoy these few months and not leave things until the last minute. Avoiding stress is my goal!! 🙂

Monday, Dave got his brand spanking new iMac!!!! You can learn more about it here. It was a lot of fun setting it up and seeing a bit of what it can do. Its so pretty, and FAST.

Tonight, Dave and I will be getting our engagement photos taken by our friend Jason, and after that will have our first session of pre-marital counseling with our pastor and his wife. We read the first 2 chapters in the book we will be going through, The Marriage Builder, by Larry Crabb. It is a REALLY good book–very Christ focused and centered. I think I am really going to enjoy it, and it will be a wonderful tool for Dave and I as we begin to build our marriage.

Update complete. 🙂


A Picture is Worth… July 15, 2007

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…a Thousand Words!!!!!


Click on the picture to view full size!!


Pinch Me….HARD….. April 2, 2007

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…if I ever try to live in a place with carpeted stairs EVER again! Vacuuming those suckers with a normal sized vacuum [b/c I do not own a handy dandy little handheld number] is a hot and sweaty and painful chore!!! BLECH! 😦 But….they do look nice now…..

🙂 Cleaning is FUN!! 🙂